Welcome to the world of SIP

  • Make a small beginning today using a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) by Investing a fixed sum at periodic intervals in an equity fund.
  • Concept of SIP is similar as Recurring A/c.
  • With small sums, it is not appropriate to take direct exposure to equity
  • Going the Mutual Fund way is a superior option, as you buy a diversified portfolio for every rupee of investment
  • No selling in panic or big-ticket buying in conditions of euphoria
  • Rupee Cost Averaging is always at Work
  • Patience and a long-term approach are built-in benefits
  • Enjoy the power of compounding in enhancing your wealth


This Table contains the estimated Corpus for 1000 per month investment for a given time duration at a particular Interest Rates

Rtn. Er. Bhanu Pratap Jain, CFPCM |CII (Award) UK| CFGP The author is a computer science engineer by qualification and a certified financial planner by profession. He helps professionals and businessmen with personal finances and help them retire early. His firm manages wealth for 700 families since last 50 years with assets under management and advisory of more than 200 Crores . He can be reached at ceo@financialarchitect.in

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